North London Play the Bends.


Happy Spring!

North London play the Bends

On 21st May eight of us were waved off from McDonald’s by our Graham and took a fine route though to Burnham on Crouch for fine food at the Cabin Dairy.

We went via Chelmsford, Hanningfield (with views over the reservoir), Rettendon, Sowf Woody Ferrers, Latchington and Bradwell. The north east side of the jutting out bit of the area was particularly good with nice bends and little traffic.

After lunch we were joined by Chris C who had had navigational problems getting to our start.

He was hungry but it was time to move on, needs of the many outweighing those etc…..  Due to minor roadworks we hit the famous Burnham Bends with the traffic behind us, a rare experience indeed, they were very good.

We then went through Malden, Tiptree, Coggeshall and towards Braintree before diverting to Finchingfield for our last stop.

Here Chris happily ordered some proper food and was then told the kitchen had closed! He did get a piece of cake though and I couldn’t let him eat alone😊. A great day and the warmest of the year so far.