North London Need a Prat Nav update

Hello Everyone and Happy Easter,

North London Spring into Action.

On 2nd April a crooked bakers dozen (that’s eleven..?) were involved in a pleasant Ride that involved lunch at the fine Ambience cafe at St Neots.

It was good to see two new riders with us, Chris and Roni.

Our route went through Harlow and took in the Hadhams, Hare Street, Royston and Gamlingay. We had a nice chat and food and met Mick O’ at the cafe.Good steak pie there!

We then left for what was meant to be a loop taking in the magnificent B660, but the silly leader took the wrong road out of Ramsey and missed the route. The blithering nincompoop!

We still had a nice ride though and ended up at Tapps tearoom mid afternoon before the fine Baldock bends and home down the A10.

It was a fine day and we can do it again to hit the route right. Ummmm..  I was the leader. 😏.