North London have a bit of a Mare

Hello People of the two wheelers…..

North London Ride has the Hiccups. 

On 5th February the redoubtable Richard stepped forward with a ride to the fine Ambience cafe at St Neots.

Very encouragingly nine turned up at McDonalds including Martin, recently returned from Australia. Also Alan joined us for the first time. The day was cold but bright and a lovely route took us through Braughing, Hay Street and Barkley.

Unfortunately along here somewhere we received info that John had had a serious puncture! For some reason he attracts punctures like horse poo attracts flies.

Three of our number stayed with him while I led the remaining five to the cafe via Royston and Gamlingay. (Pronounced ‘Gaily Gamboling’).

After great food we backtracked thinking the others might be still waiting assistance.

They had gone and we went to Mayfields for a cup of tea where we met Steve and Richard.

But …. On the way there some buffoon backed his van, literally!, into Keith causing minor but expensive damage.

To end the day Martin had a continually leaking cup at Mayfields! Poor chap.

Anyhow, it was a great day otherwise 😏 and I feel guilty for having a great lunch and Ride….. Thank you All!