North London Go all Osmonds at the Krazy Horse


North London dozen bimble to Bury

19th March was a nice day and twelve of our mob were involved in a very nice ride to Krazy Horse at Bury St Eddies.

The food is nice here and so are the bikes, if mainly from an artistic point of view.

Our route took in Chelmsford and Sudbury with a cross country stretch across to lunch going through Hartest.

We met Stuart on the way and Jim joined us at lunch. After lunch two riders went more directly home while the rest of us went to Finchingfield for a final stop via Mildenhall, Fordham, Newmarket and Haverhill.

After a nice stop at Finchingfield we headed home.

The roads after lunch were particularly good and it was a very fine day all round.

Some of us became rounder after afternoon cake….