North London Branch in the Pink…….Again

On 10th October the weather forecast was pretty good down sowf and our honourable, quiet natured Chairperson, Steve J, kindly organised a Ride to one of our favourite eateries, the Lilley Arms near Luton. A veritable horde of eager riders, nine bikes, met at McDees and we set of eagerly in the wrong direction to make a decent length ride of it. The roads were indeed splendid but it rained most of the morning and two of our group decided not to go the full distance, which was a shame as it brightened up almost as soon as they left us! We managed to take almost three hours to get to the Pub, a Herculean effort, where we had lots of great food and chat. Afterwards we went home fairly directly which took less than an hour. In the photo are two stalwarts of the Branch, who were with us, but as no one took pictures on the day I thought I would put this one in from Bude! Shame about the Make..