North London Branch hit the Tarmac!

The 19th January turned out cold and frosty and our Branch bravely decided on a Ride Out. By the time we met at McDonalds our plan had been moderated from heading up towards Kings Lynn and going towards St Neots instead. A number of our gang mentioned slippery roads. While sipping our coffees we got a call from one of our Team... He had come off on black ice on the way to join us! Some of our crew immediately went to help him. After a while the rest of us went to reunite with them and another of our riders hit the tarmac on the same road! 
After a regroup and chat seven survivors had lunch at a nice cafe in Hoddeston and went our separate ways from there. Both riders seem not to be badly hurt at this time but minimal damage on their bikes will still cost a bit to fix. No names no pack drill!
No Hondas were damaged in the making of this Story! .....