North London Branch go Wild in the Wolds

A veritable crew of adventurous scamps had decided on a weekend away based in Scunthorpe, that reputed centre of the British tourist industry. The event took place right at the end of July and three nights were spent at a Premier Inn with Beefeater attached. I took us there, using routes discovered doing the National Road Rally, A1101, Wisbech, Langrith, Horncastle included. I also bought us home finishing on the B660 and Baldock twisty bits. Great routes I modestly concluded. On Saturday Richard took us around Lincolnshire where the roads were grand and we had a leisurely stop at Mablethorpe and a nice country Pub. Simon led us on Sunday into the lovely York Moors, truly wonderful roads with a stop at Helmsley. It was a fine weekend where the weather was much better than forecasted and the routes consistently good. Eight of us involved in all.