North London Branch go Premier Class

Dave Taylor, one of our most resolute members, had kindly arranged a long weekend in the Premier Inn at Altrincham, near Manchester. Ten people on eight machines boldly signed up for the Trip and, by heck, it was a grand one! Every day a pessimistic weather forecast was wrong and we had some great, generally dry roads and superb scenery. Dave led us there and back, using the A5 and staying clear of motorways, with stops including Eddie Stobarts trucking place and a ride over the Cat and Fiddle. I led the first Ride out to North Wales, including the Ponderosa cafe, Capel Curig, Llanberis and Betty's y Cod. Dave led the second to the best of the Peak District that took in Woodhead pass, the A515 and other lovely bits. It was a great and sociable long weekend..