North London Branch Fairy Tale

Sunday 19th was wet and cold and the temperature never really went up all day. Four of us met at McDonalds full of tidings and joy and after a chat set off. The weather was cold and miserable, the route to Cafe 33 at Stradishall was mucky and awful. The food was dreadful and we all argued, telling Keith that his new Triumph, his pride and joy apparently, was a pile of junk. Even worse was the fact that non of us was on a Honda! We had a stop for afternoon tea at Finchingfield, what a dump that is! Keith forced cake and mince pies upon us to make us even fatter and more miserable. We then rode home via Dunmow and it was wonderful to get home, warm up and recover from the trauma of the day and the company.....
Well that is the Tale told! In reality it was a great day out! Great food, company and a nice route!
Merry Xmas!