North London Bimble 1st June

Hello All!

North London dozen dally to Brandon.

On 1st June Dave Plumb led us on a great ride to one of our new favourite eateries, that being the Centre cafe at Brandon.

The weather was fine and some great roads were tackled though we took a while to get there, partly due to losing a few bikes on the way.

Impatient markers was the problem I believe.

All of us did however manage to turn up at the café and had good food and conversation.

We got there via the Hadhams, Hare Street, across to Saffron Walden, Linton, Haverhill and Bury St Eddy. After lunch more great roads took us to Mundford, Watton, Thetford and Bury again before a nice stop in Sudbury for a last break.

After that it was a whizz home where some of us managed to get split up again. Cor blimey! I said to myself.

Some people just don’t think! Is what I think… Also! One of our new riders lost the back in a corner on some gravel and ended up against some hedges, facing the wrong way but had not even come off and the bike stayed upright. Work that one out!