Norfolk Branch – “We’re Domed!!”

Six of us met in The Queen of Iceni, Riverside, Norwich for breakfast on a bright but chilly October morning, once replete, Penny left us there as she had other things to do, but it was nice that she came along to support us. The remaining five, on three bikes and one trike departed Norwich for the Langham Dome in north Norfolk. The route, although a main road contained a good few twisties too and in no time at all we arrived at the Dome and parked. At the entrance we were greeted by two of their volunteers who said "Honda bike club, welcome to Langham Dome" which I thought was a nice touch as I had only contacted them a week previously to check that they would indeed, be open.
Inside the dome was a huge display of why it was built and how it operated on the old airfield plus how it interacted with the surrounding WW2 installations. A projector was projecting, on the dome's inner surface, moving aircraft targets just like it used to do and visitors were invited to "shoot them down" using an anti-aircraft gun!! Also projected on the dome were filmed interviews of various former technicians, ATC cadets, and local historians telling the history of the area. The many displays, some interactive, display cases and information points provided a fascinating insight into the dome part in it's local WW2 and Cold War history, it's well worth a visit.
Thank you to the dome's volunteers for making us so welcome, for other branches who come north Norfolk, this is a place to put on your list to visit.