Norfolk Branch Enjoy an Ice Cream in Thorpeness

Norfolk Branch, Breakfast then a Spin - Sunday 7th July by Phil Barker.

  Rob, Mark, Andy, Tony (Tonys Tours), Michael and Phil, plus three significant others met for our usual Sunday morning breakfast before deciding where to go for a ride. As a leader had not be appointed, and the club, being a democracy, Tony said we are going to Thorpeness and that was that.
Bacon and eggs sorted, and with the weather being perfect we left Norwich and headed to the beautiful winding lanes and rolling hills of our East Anglian cousins in Suffolk.
The A146 was our route of choice and we soon found ourselves passing through the sleepy village of Beccles, where the main road was closed and an unfathomable division was in place, which meant we avoided the main square, as I suspect a witch was on trial and they wanted to keep ‘strangers’ away. The rest of the route was easy, once through Beccles we just followed the road to Leiston and when you smell the sea turn right, first left and keep going until you get to the pond, Thorpeness.
 Lots of people, old cars and motorcycles were to be seen passing by, including a horse and cart, there was an old Austin Healy and an old old Bentley supercharger came roaring by, luckily Mark knows a lot about interesting old cars and things.
 We sat in the sun, enjoyed an ice cream and began planning next year’s European trip, following our recent success in Germany, with the hope that they will let us in after Brexit.