Norfolk Branch Conquer Europe!!

Norfolk Branch visit Europe by Phil Barker

Five bikes from the Norfolk HOC, with pillions headed for the Harwich ferry and a trip to Europe. Things started OK but on the way to the ferry it rained and when we arrived at then Hoek it was still raining but this time there were strong winds as we headed for Arnhem.
Spirits undamped we stopped at the Arnhem museum where a very interesting guide told us the story of the British and Polish soldiers attempt to take the bridge whilst massively outnumbered.
Here, Ian found he had a large screw sticking into his rear tyre but was quickly sorted by Ian and Mark, so we were soon on our way to a lovely hotel in Weibersbrunn for the night.
Next stop was the Amber Hotel in Bad Reichenhall via many twisty and steep roads as it was decided to cut across country. From the Amber Hotel we visited the Eagles Nest and more hills, twists and amazing scenery.
The next day was 11 hours to the beautiful Rheine Falls and more amazing roads and scenery finishing at Singen for one night. From Singen we headed for Klotten via the B500 (One crossed off the bucket list) and yet more amazing roads and views.
Here we stayed at the Zur Post Hotel, we could not have been made more welcome, the owner Klaus is an excellent host and chef. We had three nights there visiting the castle at Eltz, Cochem, Koblenz, a cable car ride over the river to the fort, and rode the hills around Boppard, not forgetting a run to the Nurburgring to watch the cars. Unfortunately, there had been a motorcycle accident on the track that afternoon and motorcycles had been cancelled for the rest of the day

Sadly it was then time to head home, after visiting Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein and France (Mark loves France).
A great trip organised by Tony (Now known as ‘Tony’s Tours’) and enjoyed by all of us Andy and Denise, Mark and Michelle, Ian and Rachael, Tony and Penny, and Phil and Sarah.

We are looking forward to next year.