New Display Materials Coordinator required!!

The role requires the management and coordination of the HOC show materials, Gazebo’s. flags, roll out bill boards etc.

The successful applicant would be expected to liaise with our show organisers to coordinate the availability of these materials, arranging couriers if need be, monitor their condition and be responsible for their upkeep, particularly ensuring that they are not packed away damp after being returned.

Storage space is always an issue and ideally the applicant will be able to locate somewhere secure and accessible to where they live, if not consideration will be given to covering the cost of installing a shed for this purpose.

Needless to say the position is entirely voluntary and your only reward will be our eternal thanks and the dubious honour of a position on the executive committee of the HOCJ

If anybody would like to discuss this further please contact myself in the first instance at or call me on 07973 428772.

Graham Seymour

General Secretary