All the posts in the Honda Owners Club are all taken on by Volunteers who do all the work needed to run this club, organise all the shows/events/rallies/holidays etc etc free of charge and in their own time. Most of us work full time and then do all this work in the evenings and at weekends. Some of us are lucky and are retired and can dedicate more time to the roles, but all of the roles require dedication and effort.
With that in mind we are in need of a new CLASSIC SECRETARY effective immediately. The role requires an interest in classic bikes and a willingness to promote the classic side of the HOC. We have a CLASSIC SHOW every year and would ideally like to continue this. There are other members that have been involved in organising this event and can help you in any way possible with that side of the role. We have a lot of members and potential new members with older bikes and this is an invaluable service we offer and we really need to get this role filled urgently, as it brings in many new members and we are one of the only places people can go to get their bikes re-registered in this country with the DVLA. The DVLA for the most part do not want anything to do with this and will point people in our direction anyway, so we can ill afford to lose this service. The successful applicant would need to liase with the DVLA to get any required paperwork etc sorted for the clients. This service is open to any person inside or outside the club and we offer a very good price for our service which includes a years membership to the club.
If you would like to take on this role or have any ideas or suggestions on any other options, then please contact GRAHAM SEYMOUR, our General Secretary, in the first instance on and he can talk you through any more questions you may have about the role and hopefully fill you in on the legal requirements of the service that the DVLA require etc.
Just to reiterate, this role is for any fully paid up member to apply for and is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY!!
Many thanks in advance. Love Rona x