ManHoc head off Younder.

Sunday 15th October 2023,ride out to Yonderman Café.

Departing from Poplar was to be at 10 .30 am, but the weather was a bit on the cool side, but with glorious sunshine so setting out was delayed until 11am, for those leaving frosty Manchester.

Heading for the scenic Peak District National Park through Knutsford, we do a left at Macclesfield and ride over the beautiful countryside of High Peak onto the biking Yonderman Café, whose is speciality is their hearty breakfasts!!.

Return continued in the National Park south to Ashford, then right homeward via Buxton and over the challenging Cat and Fiddle, and onto the Bears Paw pub a few miles just before Pops, for final drinks, cakes and hugs.  

A great welcome was given to our new rider member Dan, and Stacey who has just passed her test and was on her new bike.

Another great Manhoc ride out.


Malcolm Lunn