ManHoc Have a Soggy Gusset Day Out.

Manhoc ride 30th October to K1 cafe Uttoxeter A morning disaster waiting to happen !!! –

Departing from Poplar 2000 with a great turnout of 11 bikes, our shepherd leads us on the Cheshire countryside through Knutsford to Holmes Chapel on to Nantwich – then on to the fast A50 to Stone when the beautiful morning sun turned into an extremely heavy rainstorm.

It was like driving through a car wash for some 30mins or more!! Some riders continued, some stopped to put on rain gear and others just lost our leader.

Split groups finally arrived at the K1 cafe but we had lost 3 of the original bikers from our flock and most were well soaked.

The rain finally stopped.  Well-fed and a little bit drier, we continued on the return journey, simply back on the great moors via Leek and Ashbourne for final coffee and cakes at Pops.

Forget the rain, it was another great ride especially on the return.