ManHoc Couldn’t Find Route 66 so go for 59 instead

20 November 2022 -Route 59 café Rideout

“Where are all the Sunday bikers”? as our Shepherd stated “they should just ignore a weather forecast”!  

Destination for lunch was made for the biker’s café on the A59 near Bolton Abbey.

The day before, the weather forecast was not good, but we were awoken to blue skies and sun on the day and headed over the twisty moors from Rising Bridge to make lunch at the Route A59 café.

The sun continued to shine, with great scenery, but we had to be careful on some of the leafy country roads as we headed north on more great roads in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and for more cakes and coffee at Hawes (not had an Eccles cake for ages)! Here the weather changed, and the sun was replaced with light rain with a temperature drop.

We noted how quiet this famed bike place was – it was deserted – in fact we were the only bikes!!?? It was time to divert the proposed route and rode south to Devils bridge, for Rob had never been before!!!! Again, no bikes in this very damp place, and realized that we were getting quite soaked, and it was definitely time for home.

A great Manhoc day and was surprised how good the weather was until about 4pm on this November day.

Thanks to all.