Manchester Branch Visit NMA

Well what a great day. My idea was to visit the NMA (National Memorial Arboretum), So my idea, i’m leading. It’s been a while but like a duck to water only this time, No U turns, must be my age.
15 bike and 2 new members to boot, leaving on time at 10:30 from Poplar 2000 for our non motorway route which took us via the back roads to avoid Congleton, via Leek and past the Country Cottage where I had planned to stop for a brew but as time was 11:30 I decided to knock that on the head to get to the NMA arriving at our destination all together without losing anyone, that’s because I lead a ride and not a race 😂.
Typically as with most Manhoc rides it was a mass raid on the Café for a nosebag followed by a walk up the Armed Forces Memorial and then over to my Dads plaque at the Guards memorial. Unfortunately the bloke who took the picture was neither use nor ornament. At this point I must thanks each and everyone of you accompanying me for a group photo as it was 7 years ago last Friday he passed away.
A walk over to a few memorials then it was off taking part of the same route back but turning off at BottomHouses for jib down some country lanes to the Winking Man pub for a parting brew/drink/cake.
Thanks for a great day and good to catch up with good people.
189 miles from Poplar 2000 back to my house and the bike still shows over 100 miles left in the tank.