Howlers Ride Out 3rd March.

Saturday’s very well supported West London branch Chinese meal, held in Leatherhead meant that there wasn’t a run planned for Sunday morning.

But given that Sunday’s  weather forecast finally gave hope to a break from the incessant rain we seem to have had for weeks on end… was too good and opportunity not to get out.

We met at the Chequers roundabout in Horley, just a stones throw from the runway at Gatwick airport. But we were quickly out onto the lanes through the Sussex Weald, heading towards Kent.

We returned to Chiddingstone for a 2nd look. It’s worth another look. They say it’s the best example of a Tudor village anywhere. It is owned almost entirely by the National Trust…..even the pub is under their stewardship. The post office dates from 1453….. So it predates the first postage stamp by well over 300 years. Parts of the historic church are 12th Century.

We left Chiddingstone and rode through Hartfield, Winnie the Pooh territory. But there was no time to play Pooh sticks as we were heading for the Moto Torque cafe, Horsham. This cafe is a petrol head’s paradise, great coffee and  the food was excellent….highly recommend 

John Flynn