Howlers head to Moto Union 24 show

On Sunday the 26th may 2024 a solo HOWLer Dan Walton left Crawley in Sussex under a menacingly grey sky and headed to Rykas café at Box Hill in Surrey near Dorking where the pack was due to meet.

Having marked his territory in the covered outside seating area with breadcrumbs and runny egg yolk the HOWLers trickled in as the rain poured.

The decision was made to delay the days ride by 20mins to let the weather pass.

Once the weather passed the hunt for good roads,bikes and food started and we were moving through the Surrey and Sussex countryside heading for the Moto-Union 24 show at the South of England showground in the heart of Sussex led by Dan Walton.

The sky cleared on route and when we arrived we were guided by the helpful marshalls of the event team to where to park on the grass and handed a piece of wood each to use as a puck. Parked up we were now off the leash and started looking for food which we found really good quality food at reasonable prices and once fed we started to explore the show which for the first ever show was great. Lots of bikes on show to look around with some spirited startups to fill the air with the rumble of pistons firing and that familiar motorcycle smell.

Dan intends to revisit the show next year with a HOC stand.Howlers in attendance: Dan Walton, Jon Stone, Jude Browne, Martin Haenlein, Gary Clarke, Cindy Pang.