Howlers Head South.

For the 2nd consecutive Sunday the weather gods were on the rider’s side.

HOWLers embraced the opportunity to have a branch ride out before the nights draw in, the temperature drops and the rain falls.

Seventeen bikes and two pillions made it one the largest group rides of the year.

Rykas was chosen as our meeting point. It is always an interesting place to visit for a ‘petrol head’. This morning as well as a large range of bikes there was a Classic Ford meet. Gleaming Anglia’s, Escorts, Consuls and Cortinas were in abundance, so much so that the overflow car park was filling.

Our ride was to be a relatively short one down to Ferring on the south coast (2 hrs) and the wonderful beachfront Bluebird cafe (highly recommend).

Of course in true HOWL style we didn’t make it too easy and managed to route via some narrow twisties through The Surrey Hills and Sussex Weald. Our rise over the Downs was via The Bostal, a wonderful road with a fantastic view of Steyning Bowl, before we dropped down into Sompting. A ride along the coast and the taste of salt air felt came flooding through my helmet as we passed Worthing Pier and hundreds of day trippers.

Five of our riders were able to pre load a GPX file onto their Tom Tom Riders.

This really does enable large groups manageable without the need for people waiting in dangerous positions on roundabouts and T junctions. In any case we all set off together and we all arrived at our beachfront cafe together.

Jude fortunately booked tables in advance so we breezed past a large queue stretching out of the door and sat right down.

Once seated Jude revealed Colin the Caterpillar cakes, a HOWL tradition for a member’s birthday. Today it was Stephen Cribbin in receipt of not just the delicious confectionery but also a loud rendition of Happy Birthday.

I wont name check everyone as the list would be a bit long. But it was great that Zoe was with us and of course Stan & Crosby joined us for the first time.

Lets hope we are lucky with the weather and the fat lady hasn’t started singing come November   

John Flynn West London (HOWL)