HOWLERS Follow the Vintage Classics

Heavy rain in the south east didn’t put us all off a ride down to the beautiful Sussex hamlet of Staplefield.

Here, it is a little over half the way between London and Brighton, a brilliant place to stand and watch those cars that were the earliest pioneers of motoring.

The rally, held annually in the first Sunday in November, was the first car rally in the world. Initially run to celebrate an act of Parliament that removed the need to have a man walk in front of a horseless carriage, waving a red flag.

All cars must be at least 118 years old (1904). If you think they’d be in short  supply, then think again. There seems no end to the procession, cars travel far and wide to  take part in this unique event.

As well as the ‘official’ rally the roads are filled with ‘interlopers’ driving yet more historic and classic cars and bikes. There were even a number of penny farthing riders.

We were well rewarded when the rain disappeared shortly after we arrived and were able to meet some really interesting people, including Tony from Kent, he was only too pleased to show us his amazing1920 Bull Nose Morris.

John Flynn

West London