HOWL do Breakfast at Goodwood Motor Circuit


The Good wood Breakfast Club events take place in summer on certain Sundays—they start at 8am and finish at 12 midday, so a bit of an early start.

Jon & myself and Steve C and Tony had booked the free tickets to go and arranged to meet in Petworth at 10am. Jon & I arrived just in time to prevent Steve & Tony being stuck in a road closure !

After a rain free ride we arrived at Goodwood Motor Circuit just after 10.30 and having dumped the waterproofs we had a look at some of the exotica on display.

Mclarens, Bentleys, Aston Martin’s and Lotus’s were 10 a penny but we did discover a few gems. We met a lovely man who was standing by a rather unusual looking car called a Gold Cirrus . (Photo) Apparently this one was a prototype and only a few were made. There is a white one in bits and a red one that seems to have vanished—so his was the sole surviving one on the road.  (TheCirrus  was built in Surrey in 1991 by the Gold Motor Company. A very innovative car, it featured a composite body, mid-mounted V8, ground-effect aerodynamics and four-wheel drive, but despite its cutting-edge technology, only two were made: a gold prototype and a red production version. This was most likely down to a £45,000 price tag in the midst of a terrible recession. )

We also met a very interesting photographer who was using Goodwood to take some lifestyle shots of the new CCM Spitfire Prototype. A lovely looking bike and a very interesting photographer whose profession is photography/film making in his own studio in Sussex. He has also played with Mike & The Mechanics and Bad Manners and is still into his music. (photo)

We also felt it rude not to have breakfast and tucked into locally sourced sausage baps and egg & bacon baps—really good food but a tad pricey. After this we chatted to some more interesting car owners and then had an equally dry ride home—stopping off only to show OTO in his new coat off to Tony—who was suitably impressed. (Photo)

Great day out with some of the HOWLers !

If you haven’t tried a Goodwood Breakfast club event—check them out.-