Good News from Gabriel.

Hello Phil!

On Wednesday, 12th Oct. 2022 I and my damaged HONDA XL600R were save and
sound back in hometown DÜSSELORF after a two days ride from GREAT
YARMOUTH were I stayed after that incident at TRAVELODGE DERBY.

My ride back was this time under excellent conditions!
Fine riding weather, got my ferry to CALAIS one earlier that made my
save three hours for arriving F1-Hotel in Calais on day time.

Thank the help of Dan Hopley, John Perridge, John Goodman, ect. Members
of WIDOWS SONS I was able to bring back my motorcycle, still “krumm und
schief”, to Düsseldorf.
Of course it was still an unpleasant ride but what counts is the RESULT.
We are back!

Best regards GABRIEL