Gloucester Try Pie Face on Bikes

So, picture this: It’s Sunday, 17th March, a day that three brave souls ventured to Friar Tucks for what was to be an epic breakfast meet. There we were, all revved up for a grand ride out to Cheddar, but alas, Keith, our fellow rider, announces he’s been double-booked by life. Suddenly, it’s just Chris and James, pondering over bacon and eggs, “To Cheddar or not to Cheddar?” 

With the clock ticking for James and Cheddar now feeling as distant as a holiday in the Bahamas, we opt for a swift jaunt up to the Cotswold Café, affectionately known as Pats Baps. The roads are still whispering tales of the morning’s rain, a bit damp, a bit dreary, but as we ride, the sun begins to peek through, like it’s shyly joining our little adventure. 

We arrive, our bikes glistening with the remnants of rain and adventure and settle in for a cup of tea that’s hotter than the gossip in a salon. And then, the moment of the day – Chris takes a hearty bite of his chocolate eclair, only for it to retaliate with a cream explosion worthy of a slapstick comedy. There we are, in the midst of the Cotswold café, dabbing at cream splatters like we’re part of a very British, very polite food fight. 

Despite the cream catastrophe, it’s a brilliant ride. As we head back, already reminiscing about our mini adventure, we’re looking forward to the next one. Here’s to more breakfast meets, more rides, and hopefully, less rebellious eclairs. See everyone soon!