Gloucester Head to the Shed

Today, Sunday, 21st April, kicked off with our usual breakfast bash at Friar Tucks, where the five of us from the Honda Owner’s Club piled in for a feast that’s quickly becoming legendary. As always, the breakfast was so good it almost made getting up early on a Sunday seem like a reasonable idea.

Post-feast, three of us decided we hadn’t had enough of each other yet, so we hopped on our bikes and headed for The Woodshed at Eastnor. The ride over was everything a biker could dream of – winding roads with just enough curves to keep it interesting, barely any traffic, and weather so sunny it felt like nature was just showing off.

Once we got to The Woodshed, we ordered up some steaming hot tea and settled down for a serious session of chinwagging. The place was buzzing with dogs everywhere, which was great for pet enthusiasts, and a few fellow bikers had the same idea as us, enhancing the sense of biker fellowship.

As we sipped our second cups of tea, we got down to the serious business of planning future rides. We aimed for Tyndale Monument and King Alfred’s Tower, but our ambitions were almost thwarted by a traitorous phone signal that wouldn’t let us pull up Google Maps. It’s like even our phones were telling us, “Lads, just enjoy the moment!”

However, this time, we even remembered to take photos, a notable feat given our usual forgetfulness in capturing these moments. Eventually, we figured enough planning was enough – it was time to hit the road back home. Thanks to everyone for another memorable ride. Here’s to more winding roads, sunny skies, and actually remembering to document our adventures next time. See you all soon for another round of breakfast and biking fun!