Gloucester Go Classic in Shepton Mallet

On a whimsically wet Sunday, the 25th of February, to be precise, a gallant troupe of six from the Honda Owner’s Club Gloucestershire Branch embarked on a culinary adventure to Friar Tucks, where breakfasts of heroic proportions were devoured. With bellies full and spirits high, we squished ourselves into Dimitar’s seven-seater chariot.  

Our quest led us to the legendary Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, curiously located in Shepton Mallet—20 mysterious miles south of Bristol. The journey was an epic saga of its own, battling through the treacherous wet roads.  

Upon arrival, our chariot decided it had enough and firmly planted itself in the mud, clearly mistaking itself for a more rugged vehicle.  

The show itself was a treasure trove of nostalgia and mechanical wonder, like a maze of jumble-sale-style stalls overflowing with treasures untold—magazines, tools, bike parts, attire, and the sacred safety gear.  

As we delved deeper into the heart of the show, exploring the cavernous hangars filled with venerable steel steeds and the hallowed auction grounds, fate decreed serendipitous reunions. We stumbled upon Kev, our comrade in arms, followed by a joyous assembly at the Honda stall with fellow HOC luminaries Chris and Jo, and the ever-delightful Jude. Over a cup of tea and some chocolates (courtesy of our generous Jude), we paid homage to our late, great Bike Wanderer, Dan, with a memorial that touched our hearts deeply.  

The day continued with our exploration of the hangars, where we marvelled at the array of classic bikes, each with a story etched into its frame. As the day waned, we trudged back to our four-wheeled fortress, now imprisoned by the mud’s unyielding grasp. With a display of team spirit worthy of legend, we banded together to liberate our chariot, triumphantly setting course back home.  

The journey back to Gloucester was filled with conversation and a little snoozing, recounting the day’s exploits and already dreaming up the next adventure. A big shout-out to everyone who made it a day to remember. Can’t wait for the next meet-up. Here’s to more bikes, more mud, and more impromptu rescue missions!