Gloucester Branch forgot the Camera again.

A day that will go down in Honda Owner’s Club Gloucestershire Branch history. Why? Because Keith, Tom, and James decide to kick it off with breakfast at the legendary Friar Tucks. And guess what? They decided to bless our plates with an extra sausage. That’s right, folks. We hit the breakfast jackpot! It’s like finding a twenty in your old jeans, except it’s greasy and way more satisfying.

Then Mel rolls up, fashionably late but just in time for the main event, the ride out. And guess who’s leading this two-wheeled parade? James! That’s right, with his fancy new Quad-Lock and Wireless Charger, acting all high-tech. It’s his first time leading, so you know this is about to get interesting.

Off we zoom down to Sportsbikeshop in Filton, Bristol. The weather? Oh, it was playing nice – dry, mild, just how we like it. We’re cruising down the A38, feeling the breeze, taking this sweet detour to avoid the motorways because, well, James’ bike apparently doesn’t like wind.

At Sportsbikeshop, it’s like Christmas came early. Tom finds himself a shiny new helmet camera, and Keith? Oh, Keith’s in glove heaven, trying on every pair like Cinderella.

Post retail therapy, we hit up Costa because, let’s face it, nothing says “hardcore biker” like discussing the merits of a medium roast after a day of shopping. It’s in the biker handbook, look it up.

The ride back? Oh, it was supposed to be smooth sailing, but James’ sat nav decided to take us on a “thrilling” adventure through country lanes that had us questioning if we were part of a secret off-road rally we didn’t sign up for.

So, after a day jam-packed with unexpected sausage windfalls, tech-savvy leadership debuts, and the high fashion of glove fittings, did we manage to document this day with photos? Heck no! We straight-up forgot. That’s right, in the whirlwind of excitement, not one of us remembered to pull out a phone and snap a pic. It’s like we collectively left our brains at the breakfast table. We were so caught up in the moment, living it up with coffee and cake, that the thought of capturing it for posterity just zipped right past us.

Looking forward to the next ride out, perhaps this time they’ll manage to capture a few snapshots. Or maybe, they’ll just dive into the experience headfirst, leaving the cameras behind yet again. After all, it’s all about the ride!