Gloucester Branch Epic Adventure to the NEC

Brace yourselves, fellow bike enthusiasts, for the epic tale of the Honda Owners Club Gloucestershire Branch’s grand adventure to the Motorcycle Live convention at the N.E.C.

This fine Friday, 24th November! Our heroic quintet embarked on this journey with Keith at the helm of his trusty chariot. Cheers to Keith, for providing warm and comfortable passage!

Now, our saga takes a twist right at the NEC’s vast carpark.

Picture this: Keith, the careful captain, diligently leaves the carpark ticket in his steed (read: car) and strides off with what he believed was his entry pass to the biker’s paradise. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

As we valiantly made our way to the promised land (i.e., the entrance), Keith faced his Waterloo. Armed with a carpark ticket in a bike show, he was faced with an ultimate dilemma. With entrance denied, he channeled his inner action hero and embarked on a daring quest.

Leaping over fences and scaling gates with the agility of a cat, Keith made a beeline to his trusty vehicle. His epic shortcut was the stuff of legends, and thirty minutes later, he triumphantly rejoined us, the correct ticket in hand.

With the gang finally reunited, we dived into the sea of bikes and dreams.

Dan gawked at a supercharged VFR that probably whispered sweet nothings about speed and power.

Keith, in a moment of pure Zen, united with his dream bike, the Kawasaki Z650RS. James, grappling with the ‘short leg syndrome’, still found solace atop the majestic Honda NT1100.

Tom, ever the practical one, snagged replacement canisters for his safety jacket, while Chris turned into a fierce negotiator, trapping the BMW bigwig for a serious chat.

Then, as fate would have it, at the Honda stand, we even had a serendipitous encounter with fellow members of the Honda Owners Club. It was like a family reunion, but with more engine oil and leather jackets! We swapped stories, shared laughs, and basked in the glory of our shared love for all things Honda.

Our return journey was a classic tale of rush-hour woes, with our noble sat-nav acting as a modern-day wizard, guiding us around the worst of it.

In the end, it was a day of laughter, minor mishaps, bike-filled dreams, and unexpected reunions.

A huge shout-out to everyone who joined – you’re all legends!