Garyvan’s Tours Commence

Ride Monday 29th August TBA to Eric Jones café at Porthmadog – regrettably at the last minute the ride route was cancelled after discovering it had closed some 2 years previously.

But to the rescue came our shepherd to treat us to one of his “ Garyvan’s”.

How he knows such fab roads between those ears is amazing and there were new ones’ today! From Pops this took us south down the A49, a mid-distance coffee stop, passed Ruthin, and best moor roads over the tops to Bala.

Here, Gary found a “corker” of a café called Yr Hwb Ltd, which is just on the fringe of the town, quiet, out of the way with unique buildings serving “Welsh Street Food”. A must to revisit LL23 7NW.

It even had swings and slides and huge chairs for us to amuse ourselves.

From lunch our shepherd took us south over more fab moor roads towards Welshpool, left to Oswestry and coffees at the Knocking Stop Pub!!

With the weather at a constant 19 degrees, sunny and dry roads, it was another great manhoc full day’s ride out.

Thanks to all – cheers