Executive Committee

These are the lunatics who run this particular asylum!

Marcus Moulson
Coming soon!
General Secretary
Tony Surridge
Motorcycles are in my blood - both my father and grandfather had motorcycles and my first ride was my eldest brothers BSA C15 when I was probably around 7! I passed my test at 18 and rode for five years before adding the four wheel entitlement to my licence! My first bike was a brand new CB100N, which was followed by a couple of Kawasakis and a mixture of bikes for commuting, including a XS250, GT185, Z200. I finally got back to riding a decent machine around 12 years ago with a VFR750FL which I still own. Since joining the HOC in 2016 I've had so much fun - I believe the more you put in, the more you get out and, as such, I hope that I can help other members to have the same attitude. Before becoming General Secretary, I was one of two classic secretaries and I happen to be the same age as the HOC!
Membership Secretary
Graham Gull
Treasurer & Regalia Secretary
Sarah Roberts
Although Sarah has been riding bikes for over 30 years she has owned only 3 in that time - all of them Hondas! Sarah works as a full time office manager for a plumbing and heating company and has a massively long and tiring commute to work . . . less than a minute! As well as being main carer to her mum and a mum of two, she's a Pompey supporter but we don't hold that against her. She's also treasurer of the local bonfire society so very often found dressing up as an Indian - and no, we're not totally sure if those facts are related or if she just likes fancy dress. Sarah has also previously held an SIA door supervisor's licence - so we tend not to argue with her!
Classic Secretary
Steve Cribbin & Jude Browne
Golden Wing Editor
Ron Rutgers
Born and raised just above sea level in The Netherlands and with a saddle between his legs from birth, Ron is happy riding anything on two wheels - although he has spent an awful long time on the dark side riding bicycles! Currently a 'legal' immigrant in England - even post Brexit. He makes regular trips back to The Netherlands for annual dike duty and can no longer be seen hurtling around the country on his yellow Honda CBF1000 as the Webmaster bought it, he has now joined the other Dark Side and rides a BMW K1600GT. Also, he is trustee of the Northants HOC Regimental Mascot.
Website Administrator
Phil Bell
A self-confessed gadget freak and movie geek, Phil passed his test on a CG125 in the mid 90s, just after the introduction of Compulsory Basic Training. Another one who started out with a Kawasaki (grey import GPZ400R), then spent a short but highly entertaining time with a de-restricted Aprilia RS125 before progressing to a 1991 CBR600F (still in the garage today). His collection now consists of the original CBR as well as a 2000 CBR600FX, a 2001 Fireblade, a 2005 Fireblade (the "toy") and a CBF1000 originally owned by Ron, our magazine editor. He's been a member of the HOC since around 2002 and, with his late wife Rona, used to run the previous Chester & North Wales branch as well as helping run our stand at Motorcycle Live each year. Originally aiming for a career in computer programming he currently works in procurement for a utility company but the computer skills obviously still come in handy! Phil says that he found out about "normal" a long time ago and decided he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. "Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional"
Advertising Manager
Erica Gassor
"Mother Hen" Erica has been a member for around 16 years, riding for 18, and married to Gerald (her pillion) for more years than she cares to remember! Erica never stops - as well as this role and running the Oxford branch, plus working part time in sales and marketing at the tender age of... (we won't tell!) she fills her time with charity work such as helping children, the homeless and working with Blood Runners/SERV OBN. Although she started her riding life on a Kawasaki she soon switched to Honda, starting with a CBR600F before switching to the first of 5 VFRs - so far! Being very much in to racing, she (and Gerald) have been all over the UK and Europe to watch road racing, BSB, WSB and MotoGP.
Social Media Secretary
Stu Hayes
Stu has been riding bikes since he was 16 with his first being the Honda C50 step through (chicken chaser) given to him by his Grandad, this was followed by the MBX50. After passing his full bike test in Germany in the early 90’s, Stu then strayed to the dark side with a Kawasaki ZZR600 which was great for touring around the German/Holland beer and wine festivals and race circuits. On return to the UK it was something a bit more sporty with the Yamaha YZF750, a great bike but the whoopee cushion on the back wasn’t that great for his now wife, so it was back to Honda and the fantastic 4th Gen VFR750. After a couple of years' break from having a bike due to family commitments, Stu ended up with a Yamaha 600 Diversion to rebuild his bike NCB which had unfortunately run out. Stu now has the bike he's always wanted and loved - the 6th Gen VFR800 Vtec, with a few comfort mods done for a person of the more "rotund" persuasion and the comfort of the Good Lady, as well as a few blingy bits of course!
Saddle Sore Shield
Steve Davenport
Display Materials Co-ordinator
Marcus Moulson