Essex Ride out 23rd February.

Sunday 25th February 2023. Essex HOC.

Sunday morning was cold but bright and only slightly damp in Rayleigh.

I arrived at Rose’s cafe, no bikes?, perhaps I am early, no, on time (08:30). Ordered breakfast, a healthy two fried eggs, two fried slices and beans. Ate said breaky, feeling like Billy no mates, (note to self if no one joins me I’ll join the CADAM’s run).

About 09:00ish Mick rolled in, then Jon about 09:15ish. Unfortunately Jon wasn’t able to join the run, but thanks for seeing us off Jon.

Mick and I set out to the wilds of Bury Saint Edmonds. An enjoyable ride on dry roads and blue skies all the way.

We arrived at the Farm Shop Cafe… closed… bugger, it had changed hands and doesn’t open on Sundays.

Mick said there was The Crazy Horse shop just up the road, so a light lunch and a look around the rather impressive collection of bikes.

A dry sunny ride home and I did a total of 128 miles and out of the house for 6 hours and 30 minutes.

A great day.