Essex & North London tackle the ACU National Rally

Another ACU National Rally over for another year, only did the day one this year. There was two members of the Essex branch and one from North London in our group. Graham Gull, James Anthony Gill and myself.
We had Brunch in the Cornish Cafe in Harlow before starting the Rally.
We started the Rally in overcast weather and on route to Wisbech the rain started. We had a bit of cake and a drink at Gildos and let the rain stone of the check points was opposite RAF Waddington. Didn’t see anything take off or land, just static aircraft.
The rest of the Rally was in dry weather
We completed the Rally with 5 mins to spare.
We finished the Rally at the Fire & Rescue Centre in Stevenage.
On the way home I ran into rain again as I passed the M11, but i got home without getting too wet.
Door to door i completed 371 miles today.
Well done everyone on a great day out.