Essex have done 32, Their now up to Café 33.


On Sunday 12th March 2023 Essex had a ride out to Café 33, south of Bury St Edmunds.

We met up at the Rose Café in Chelmsford for breakfast at 8.30am

There were 9 of us on the ride today.

The weather was dry with broken cloud.

We set off at 9.30am for our first coffee/tea stop at the Silver Ball Café on the A10.

It was quite busy here so we had our drinks outside whilst looking at the other bikes there.

We then set off for our lunch stop at the Café 33.

Again it was very busy inside the café, so we again sat outside to eat.

We then started our way back home.

We rode to the Corner Café in Sible Hedingham for our last coffee/tea stop of the day.

We chose this time to sit outside for our drinks.

After putting the world to rights we set off for home peeling off where necessary.

Another perfect day out on good roads and in great company.

I rode 186.4 miles today door to door.

Well done every body.