Essex Branch Ride to the Tea Hut

Sunday 20th Dec 2021 was our last planned ride out for 2021.

We had a planned departure time of 9.30am from the Rose Cafe, Chelmsford.

We also planned to have breakfast in the cafe beforehand. At the Breakfast were Tim, Mick W, Paul W, Mike T Adam and myself. They do a mean breakfast here.

We then met up with Jon in the car park.

It was a misty day and quite chilly.

The plane was to ride off to the tea hut in Epping Forest. We took the main A roads to get there, through the excellent Essex Country side.

When we arrived at the Tea Hut we met up with Phil W, who had rode direct there.

Unfortunately the Tea Hut was closed. We heard that the staff there didn’t want to catch Covid right before Xmas and so stayed at home.

We then moved a little up the road to the Kings Oak pub. They have a fast food counter at the far end of the pub.

We decided to have the Hot Chocolate as the chilly day was penetrating the old body.

We then set off on a reverse route to the Norton Heath Cafe, nearby to Chelmsford.

Upon arriving at the cafe we found it full with cyclists, walkers and families.

We decided to make our way back to the Rose Cafe for our lunch; it was only a 10 min ride away.

They were surprised to see us back at the Rose Cafe, but willing to serve us.

After lunch we called it a day and separated to head for home.

It was a good day’s ride out, but we wished it had been a tad warmer.

Considering the date we were lucky to get a day out riding.

Can I take this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Let’s hope 2022 is a much better year for everyone.

Ride safe.

Roland Murphy.

Branch Secretary.

Essex Honda Owners Club.