Essex Branch get Down to Dunstable

Today we met up at the Rose Cafe in Chelmsford for a ride to Dunstable Downs. There were 12 bikes there, but Jeff wasn’t going to be riding with us today. He was there just to see us off. On the ride today were Ashley, Jon, Kate and Ian, Gabe, Mike W, Mick T, Mike B, Amerjit, Geoff, Gordon and myself. We split up into two groups of 6 and maintained social distancing. We set off at 9.43am and went across country to Stevenage for out morning coffee stop. The first place we went to, Five Guys, didn’t sell tea or coffee. Starbucks was closed, so McDonalds it was then. We also had a quick fuel stop before setting off.After our drinks we set off again across country to Dunstable Downs. Here we found it wasn’t as busy as I expected. The cafe inside was closed, but they had a side window open where they were serving tea/coffee and hot pies and sausage rolls. There was a queue at the side window which didn’t move very fast. Some of us took a picnic lunch with us which we ate on the grass or at a picnic table. Time came for the return journey. We retraced our steps across country to the A1, Here Mike B left us and headed north up the A1.We continued to a garage beside McDonalds at the junction of the A10 and the A414. Here we took on more fuel and got a drink from the garage store. We said our goodbyes to each other here as we wouldn’t be stopping anymore. On route people would be peeling off where necessary for home. Another great day out with good friends on great roads. The weather was with us today, no rain at all with clear skies to start with then light cloud at the end of the ride. Well done everyone. I completed 174.6 miles today, door to door. Until the next ride, stay safe.