East Midlands head to Sunny Hunny

Ride to Sunny Hunstanton

Met at 08.15 donington services, 9 bikes with 12 of us in total, led by our Geoff off we set for Bourne, our breakfast stop and to meet up with Mick Clow en route, and guess what yes its Mcdonalds, breakfast done off we set again.

Heading for kings Lynn and another Mcdonalds for a quick toilet break and to pick up some other stragglers lol being Brian Judge and family, 2 bikes with 3 on, off we set again next stop Sunny Hunstanton and yes it was lovely and sunny.

Some of the group split up and went to get food, fish and chips it was and then donuts, full to the top we chilled for a while then back to bikes, traffic being very busy we had to filter a lot then the rain came which didn’t make things easy.

With it raining the lack of marking junctions began with nobody wanting to sit in the rain I assume, all was good we all got back to Kings Lynn then most of us got stuck at the light apart from SPEEDY GEOFF, he was way ahead and didn’t stop at the next junction, so that’s where it became s free for all.

I took the rains and led 6 then we found Mark & Catherine so 7 of us rode together, SPEEDY called and he had found 2 so they went 1 way and we went another, just coming back in to Leicestershire.

I thought I would cone over the back roads so indicator on to turn right I turned and 4 bikes went straight on, then there were just me and meeee Juullliieeeee, Kevin & Liz, all in all we all had a great day 

Thanks all for making it a good day as always

And on another plus side i think we have gained 2 new HOC GB members and East Midlands branch members, watch this space 

Graham Brown