Delays in all Clothing Orders

Dear All,

All our Clothing is made to order specifically for each customer, and we always say to allow 28 days….BUT with all the CoVid 19 ongoing, our suppliers have had to go on to shut down as per Government policies, so there will potentially be a lot longer delay in getting orders out to you than 28 days. Here’s a quote from them..

“We are on shut down at the moment as per the latest government advise but we hope to be back in the next couple of weeks so I will add this order to the system and contact you again as soon as we can get back into the office”

So orders can still be placed, but you must be prepared to wait…..PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY APPLIES TO CLOTHING….ANY ACCESSORIES E.G. CAPS, BUFFS, BADGES ETC are fine as they are with me and I can get to a Post Office fairly easily with being on Furlough from work at the moment.

I will of course keep you all posted as to any changes and going back to normality for our supplier.

Many thanks

Rona ( Regalia Sectretary )