Dave Day in The Lakes

LC Dave Day Saturday 8th June

What a Day

What an Occasion

How many branches can claim that 46,134 bikes came into their area just to honour one man? There was also over 200,000 people cheering the spectacle, as it passed them by. From motorway bridges over the M40 & M6, to the verge side as the 35 miles from junction 36 to the centre of Barrow in Furness, known locally as the cul-de-sac, (to get out, return along the route from whence you came).

It made the national news, a story which showed motorcycling in a light never seen before, Lead by Si King, Dave’s partner on the TV Show, Hairy Bikers, with Dave’s wife Liliana as Pillion, and the incredible Woody, who’s idea it was to hold an event, only 8 weeks earlier.

It started at the Ace Café in London @ 8.00am, to Oxford services on the M40, then the National Motorcycle Museum, where it left at 11.15am, before stopping at Knutsford Services, then Burton in Kendal services, which became the meeting points for all rides in from North, East and West.

Down the A590 into Barrow-Incredible- Furness, as it has now become known. People waved and waved, horns tooted as riders and pillions waved back, through Newby Bridge, Ulverston, Swarthmoor and onwards into the town centre. People lined both sides of the road, and even in the middle too.

The wave of bikes kept coming, and over three hours later, everyone had just about arrived at the Town Hall. The Mayor welcomed an emotional Si, Lilli, Woody, and thousands upon thousands of bikers from all four corners of the country who had travelled to Barrow to pay homage to one of the quietest, nicest, humblest guys you would ever meet, to say it was emotional is an understatement, thank you to everyone that made the journey to our little town, thank you to everyone that turned out to welcome our visitors, God bless you Dave Myers, you were one in a million.

A poetic tribute to a great man, now granted the Freedom of Barrow.

Very proud to be Barrovian today!!

In Barrow’s streets, the engines roar,

For Dave, forty five thousand bikers soar.

With laughter, cheers, and revs so loud,

We celebrate him, a mighty crowd.

Faces bright, the town’s alive,

Honouring Dave with a joyful drive.

Motorcycles glint in the sun’s warm light,

A festival of wheels, a thrilling sight.

From dawn to dusk, the party’s on,

Remembering Dave with a spirited song.

Barrow’s heart beats with fun and cheer,

For a true Barrovian we hold dear.

So let the wheels spin, the good times roll,

For Dave, whose memory warms the soul.

Barrow’s streets are filled with joy and more,

As we celebrate Dave forevermore.

Barrow in Furness and all involved should be truly proud 🥲😍😍😍😍