Darlington Branch forgot to fit the Studded Tyres.

The three intrepid adventures decided to have a mystery tour.

Little did we know that Richard decided to take us off piste and up to the snow bound mountains.

We set off from the model t in rain but it soon cleared up as we had a pleasant ride up to the manor café to meet the new owner.

A very nice lady who makes very tasty bacon rolls.

From there we took to the hills on roads we had never travelled before.

Narrow windy roads with stunning views of snow on the hills and roadside.

There was a lot of floods. Some quite deep but we carried on and the higher we got the deeper the snow and eventually it took Jan down and majestically slid into her and ended with my bike laid on top of hers.

Once we had dragged Jan out from underneath and got the bikes separated we set off again onwards and upwards until we got near the top when we came upon a car stuck in the snow and blocking the road.

So we had to turn round and head back through the snow and floods back to civilization and the café in Masham for a coffee and chips.

From there another good ride home.

All in all a brilliant adventure .