Darlington Branch are Lords of the Manor

We had such a good ride out today that I forgot to take any more pictures after we left the Manor cafe.We had two new lads joined us today an I hope we will be seeing them again. Marc lead us from the Model T to the Manor cafe via the back roads and Richmond, After that we took to the narrow windy, gravelly roads through Kettlewell and a few other places to Grassington where we had lunch, it was busy there like the manor and indeed the country roads, Too many cyclists who seem to think they own the road and think it is ok to hold everyone up while they ride two abreast weaving from side to side chatting together. After lunch we headed by more back roads to Masham then Bedale and Northallerton where we stopped for an Ice cream then a quick thrash home. A pleasant day in good company on a Honda, that’s what I call a good day.