Chip Butty Anyone

1st September saw 6 bikes with 2 pillions turn up at Starbucks in Derby for our Friday night fish & chip run to Matlock Bath.

Graham leading with Mark in his usual tail end spot, off we set taking the scenic route with some nice twisties finally ending up at Matlock Bath, this is a very popular biker haunt.

All parked up and now for our chippy tea, what a pleasant surprize, Pete & Sheena Janes was there to meet us, then Dennis turned up and then Roger & Becky, well it has turned out very well.

13 of us in total, 6 bikes and 3 cars, we all sat outside and our tea arrived, then Jack just had to do it, yes ice cream so that set some of us off yes and me too, Craig, Gary & Catherine had a Mr Whippy, what a great night.

Thank you all for making it a good Social night, cars or bikes doesn’t matter, the people make it what it is