2019/2020 Saddle Sore Competition is Hotting up Already

So our annual Saddle Sore competition which started on the 27th October 2019 @ our AGM is already being hotly contested between last years 1st and 2nd place members. Think Murray is winning so far though with 4 destinations in the bag in only a month…come on Paul, you’ve got some riding to do mate to catch up….Anyone else going to fight for the crown this year??? Come on guys n gals and give these boys a run for their money…head to our website for all events that qualify for Saddle Sore points. This year’s theme for the Bonus Destinations is Military to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day next year. Here you can also download your Saddle Sore Form to take with you to all the Official HOC Event Saddle Sore’s and get them signed from the organiser. The Bonus Destinations we require a selfie/photo of you and the bike at the destination.

So come on, what more excuse do you need to get out on your babies and tour this gorgeous Island of ours!!