23 July 2007

VFR800 - Oil Cooler Pipe Oil Leak

Honda Motor Company Ltd is constantly evaluating the durability of its products, in pursuit of total quality and customer satisfaction. In doing so, we have been made aware of a concern with the oil cooler pipes fitted to a specific range of VFR800 models. It has been identified that a problem may exist with the left or right hand oil cooler pipes resulting in an oil leakage.

This leak occurs as a result of galvanic corrosion between the oil cooler pipe and the rubber protector. This corrosion normally only forms as a result of use in winter conditions, where corrosive rock salt has been extensively used on the roads to aid in snow and ice control. The factory has introduced a higher resistance protector material to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Model: VFR800-2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 and A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6
Affected VIN / Frame Number Range
JH2RC46A*2M400023 - JH2RC46A*2M406349
JH2RC46A*3M500005 - JH2RC46A*3M503148
JH2RC46A*4M600496 - JH2RC46A*4M601830
JH2RC46A*5M700001 - JH2RC46A*5M700050
JH2RC46A*6M800407 - JH2RC46A*6M801077
JH2RC46C*2M400024 - JH2RC46C*2M404228
JH2RC46C*3M500268 - JH2RC46C*3M502703
JH2RC46C*4M600004 - JH2RC46C*4M601373
JH2RC46C*5M700005 - JH2RC46C*5M702233
JH2RC46C*6M800123 - JH2RC46C*6M801542

Although only a very small number of cases have been reported, Honda Motor Co Ltd have announced a Recall Campaign on a specified range of potentially affected machines. We are therefore contacting all owners of potentially affected machines instructing them to contact an authorised Honda dealer of their choice, to have a countermeasure applied to their machine to prevent any possible occurrence.


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