Reference : RM/2004/030
Manufacturer Ref :
Model : VTX1800C-2
Launch Date : 23/03/2005
Numbers Involved : 113
Build Start Date : 09/07/2001
Build End Date : 28/08/2001

Description : There are two scenarios from essentially one defect, in that, the washer for the side stand spring bolt does not have sufficient hardness and may deform. This deformation could cause the side bolt to flex and fracture during side stand operation. In this scenario the side stand would not remain in the retracted position which would be obvious to the operator. In the second scenario, remembering the side stand is fitted with an ignition cut-off system, if the side stand pivot bolt corrodes, the corrosion may allow the side stand to retract but later, with vibration, drop. If this happens the engine could cut-out without warning.
Remedial Action : Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and fit countermeasure washer and new spring bolt and nut.
Vehicle Id : 1HFSC46A82A000970 to 1HFSC46A22A001029

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