Vehicle Details

Reference : RM/2016/017
Manufacturer Ref : 3HD
Model : 2013 Year Model NSS300 & NSS300A
Launch Date : 14/04/2016
Numbers Involved : 351
Build Start Date : 11/01/2013
Build End Date : 07/10/2013

Recall Details

Description : The rear brake pipe joint may not have been sufficiently tightened when the machine was manufactured. Continuous use of the rear brake and vibration from riding may cause the brake pipe joint to leak brake fluid. Consequently, when the rear brake lever is applied, poor/no brake operation will result and in the worst case scenario a crash may occur.
Remedial Action : Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and for all affected units, the tightening torque of the pipe joint bolt will be checked, if it passes inspection then fluid level will be topped up only, if it fails then the bolt will be re-torqued and the brake system will be bled.
Vehicle Id : MLHNF04B4D5001187 to MLHNF04B2D5003360

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