Vehicle Details

Reference : RM/2015/026
Manufacturer Ref : AS150003 
Model : CB500F, CBR500R
Launch Date : 16/09/2015
Numbers Involved : 2880
Build Start Date : 17/12/2012
Build End Date : 27/05/2015 

Recall Details

Description : The fuel level gauge arm holder at the fuel pump may swell during hot weather riding conditions and may become weakened. Under the riding condition of deceleration and immediate acceleration, the fuel wave created inside the fuel tank causes higher load on the float arm and it could become detached from its holder. If the fuel float arm becomes detached it could result in, fuel indicator error, abnormal noise from fuel tank, or in worst case engine stall should the arm contact the fuel pump terminals.
Remedial Action : Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and replace complete fuel pump /float arm unit.
Vehicle Id : MLHPC44B3D5000783 to MLHPC45B3F5202332
MLHPC44B3D5000783 to MLHPC45B3F5202332

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