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1 April 2000 (April Fools Day)


Irvine, Calif. - Kawasaki today said it was voluntarily recalling nearly 250,000 1996-2000 Honda CBR1100XX's, confessing that the vehicles are unsafe, uncomfortable, and slow, adding that CBR1100XX's should be returned to any Honda dealership for a full refund, "no questions asked."

Officials at Honda angrily pointed out that Kawasaki does not make the CBR1100XX, but a Kawasaki spokesman said his company was "too deep into the full-disclosure process" to be distracted. "This confession is painful for us, but we want to do the right thing by issuing this voluntary recall of the dangerous Honda CBR1100XX," said a Kawasaki spokesman. He said the recall was particularly embarrassing because the Honda CBR1100XX was made despite the fact that Kawasaki engineers knew it did not provide a smooth, car-like ride, did not comfortably seat two and would never provide an adequate number of cup holders."

Asked by a senior Kawasaki executive how the "unconscionably flawed" Honda CBR1100XX ever made it to production, the Kawasaki spokesman shook his head. "We make no excuses," he said. "It was a massive, deliberate error."


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