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17 October 2000


Honda (UK) will soon advise owners of its 2000 model CBR900RR-Y FireBlade to contact their authorised Honda dealer in order to have rectification work carried out to their machine’s fuel hose.

It has become apparent that during some routine maintenance, when the fuel tank is raised beyond a certain level, the fuel hose may be bent sharply or stretched over the edges of the internal metal fuel tube and securing clamps. This could result in potential damage to the hose leading to a possibility of a high-pressure fuel leak.

Honda has developed a replacement fuel hose of sufficient length to preclude this eventuality and the new item will be fitted free of charge to CBR900RR-Y models at any authorised Honda dealer.

Honda (UK) has emphasised that no cases of fuel hose failure have been reported on CBR900RR-Y models in the UK and the company has taken these rapid and effective steps as a precautionary measure.

Affected Units: All CBR900RR-Y year 2000 models.


Description of Safety Concern:

During routine maintenance, such as cleaning or changing the air filter, the mechanic may lift or raise the front of the fuel tank to provide additional working space. If the mechanic pulls up on the tank beyond a certain point, the fuel hose will be bent sharply or stretched over the edges of the internal metal fuel tube and the securing clamps. This sharp bending force can damage the hose. Although visually undetectable, the internally damaged hose could eventually split, resulting in a high-pressure fuel leak.

This recall information will be reported in the 18 October edition of MCN. Therefore if a customer contacts you with a CBR900RR-Y please inform them that a countermeasure fuel hose has been developed to ensure a sufficient length of fuel hose and that all owners of affected vehicles will receive notification advising them to contact an authorised Honda Dealer so that the potential fault can be rectified.

A further Dealer Bulletin will follow shortly outlining the full Recall Procedure. In the meantime, our main priority is to ensure the safety of all our customers by providing a quick and effective response to replace the fuel hose of all affected units.


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